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Capital of the vampyres and home of Castle Drakan, Darkmeyer has stood for centuries as an imposing and impenetrable blight on Morytania. Within its dark stone walls you will find a multitude of new shops, amenities and skilling methods.

Before the vampyres came to Morytania, the region was known as Hallowvale and was ruled over by the Icyene queen, Efaritay Hallow. She ruled the region from the capital city in the south east, a city that following the vampire takeover became the two cities of Darkmeyer and Meiyerditch. With the exception of the royal family, who had their own private graveyard, most citizens of Hallowvale were buried in a great crypt known as the Hallowed Sepulchre. To protect the sepulchre from grave robbers, it was built with various traps and other defence mechanisms. However, that hasn't stopped someone from trying to raid it. A group of unknown individuals are particularly interested in recovering any of Hallowvale's old currency, Hallowed Marks, from the sepulchre. To help them with this, they are willing to reward anyone who obtains some of these Hallowed Marks for them.

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